ULTIMATE Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Facial Machine


Ultrasonic Facial Machine is a unique device with a built in metal spatula that uses ultrasonic oscillation technology, which exfoliates the skin with a gentle vibration that gently to remove oil, dirt and debris while helping extract pores. It can be used on the face, neck and chest. Also includes a case and power adapter.
Works better when using skin care products like deep cleansing cream, toner, lotion, etc.

Enjoy beautiful and young skin with the ultrasonic device for the face! This device makes it possible to simultaneously perform an exceptional cleaning and an important regeneration of your skin. A simple and safe way to restore skin tone, hydration, and oxygenation, which delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to improve blood circulation, removes stains and blackheads and prevents acne. It is clear that this incredible device will cleverly avoid paying a heavy bill in face care in a beauty salon.

How to Use
STEP 1: Cleanse your face with a mild foaming cleanser to remove makeup and excess oil. 
STEP 2: Wet the face, turn on the Ultrasonic Scrubber and begin to gently exfoliate the skin and extract the pores. 
STEP 3: Dry the face, apply an anti-aging cream or serum to the skin. Turn on again and penetrate the cream or serum deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness.
Before And After pictures: 
Features :
  • Promote cells metabolism, soften cutin, make the epidermal cells rearranged
  • Restore the skin elasticity, making skin be smooth.
  • Tighten and lift face, restore elasticity and remove wrinkles!
  • Unique therapeutic massage and high cellular metabolism.
  • Positive ion leading out, adopting the 45-degree operation.
  • Increases cell viability and promote blood Circulation.
  • Negative ion leading in, the use of ultrasonic vibration principle and warm effect.
  • Promote cells metabolism, aging, and irregular variation cells shedding to rearrange the cells.
  • Promote blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic reflux for a deep accumulation of toxins in the skin.
  • It Will make the skin rosy and increase flexibility.
  • Ultrasound has an enhanced role of catalysis and accelerate the metabolism
  • Wrinkles and grains
  • Make the skin bright white, shine, and elasticity.

Package including:
  • 1x skin cleaner
  • 1x DC adapter
  • 1x English manual

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